Shops and Restaurants etc with Bilingual Signs etc

Other bilingual signsLanguage of the street
Vivian Cook


Bilingual English French notice private private prive Colchester 

Cafe Rouge, Colchester


Costas A1


Bilingual Chinese English restaurant name Newcastlr
   heihei, Newcastle

(n.b. signs are vertically reversed)

Penang sign

Bilingual shop sign English Japanese \\tokyo 

Bilimgual shop sign barbers english Japanese 

Bilingual sign English Japanese blunch

Bilingual sign English Japanese hairdressers
Tokyo signs


Biliingual restaurant sign Chile
, Vina del Mar


Trilingual restaurant Brussels 

Trilingual sign Brussels French English

Brussels restaurants


Restaurant in Iran


Restaurant bilingual sign Italain

restaurant bilingual sign English Italian
Restaurants, Perugia


Brussels 'school'


North London (only the food is multicultural)


Trilimngual signEnglish, German, Italian restaurant Bolzano
Bolzano Restaurant


Bilingual English/Chinese Exit sign Newcastle   

Bilingual shop sign Chinese English




Bilingual English Chinese restaurent sign Colchester 



Bilingual massage chinese English