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Properties of chat-room English

Verb-formation: 'emoted' verb as short form: 'Mike cools', 'Anthony ohboys'
contractions: 'anne gonna go see' , 'Lenny bops you onna head', 'Jon runs atta Ted'
prepositions 'Jon laughs lynn', 'Karen giggles Rick'
'is' 'Penfold bad mood', 'Rick getting there'
'Ray nodsnodsnods', 'laughslaughs'
'LOL' ('laughs out loud'), 'filfre' ('feelfree'), 'bbl' ('be back later')
Antisocial commands (word typed in is converted by program:)
'whuggle Y' > 'X whuggles Y' (a virtual hug); 'cathedral Y' > 'X comes down on Y like a ton of cathedrals'
speech bubbles: '. o 0' ('whew')'
Extra letters:
'slooooowwww', 'hmmmm', 'arrgh', 'ummmm', 'noooo00ooo'
Source: Cherny, L. (1999), Conversation and Community: Chat in a Virtual World CSLI

Chat-room abbreviations

A/S/L - Age/Sex/Location 
ASAP - As Soon as Possible 
BFN - Bye For Now 
CU - See You 
GF - Girl Friend 
IAE - In Any Event 
LOL - laughing out loud (Lots of love) 
PLS - please 

AFK - away from keyboard
B4 - before
BRB - be right back
F2F - Face To Face
GR8 - great
LOE - lack of education
LY - Love you
SY2SB - send you to sin bin
Tanx - thank you

Chat-room sample
Users' names have been removed and replaced by letters in square brackets

A: what did he have surgery for, [B]?
C: you handsome thing
D: would you believe it or not [B] last night fishman Jim's name was lit up on my friends list?
B: he had 3 vertebra fused [A]
C: my wine person left here now, where am i gonna get more??
E: nanna??????
D: but when i pmmed him,, no-one answered my pm
D: yes [F]?
A: ewww, my brother had that, it's no picnic
B: probably one of his brothers names

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