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Sample e-mails

MA diss second marking... I have 4 hanging around... so will pass one to each of you spreading blessings evenly... Hope that is OK... and of course reciprocate!
Sorry was in physically on FRiday pm but di nto check e-mail!
This MONDAY, 21st OCTOBER, 8PM. PUBLIC MEETING, COLCHESTER QUAKER FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE (behind Mercury Theatre), Church Street. With expert speakers on the current situation.
chris says he will make the nut roast but he needs the recipe from last year as it was sooo gooood,he says he will also make roast potatoes.jo [nee brown] has gone blonde-i wonder if she has more fun? happeee christmas
p..s do you know how to save and/or print this file in Word. EVerytime I try to save it or print my chapter, I get nothing.


E-mail etiquette http://writerswrite.com/journal/dec99/pirillo1.htm

E-mail style Guardian on-line 13.06.2000



www.fingaz.co  May be finfaz



Baron, N.S. (1998) 'Computer-Mediated Communication as a force in language Change'. Language and Communication 18

Murray D (1988) 'The context of oral and written language: a framework for mode and medium switching', Language in Society, 17

Some Essex girl e-mails

Cheers hon, i don't reckon he is too bad either! XXX you are so right, me and XXX haven't thrown up for a while now, so i reckon we are well overdue!!

Me and XXX went XXX a while back and were throwing some wicked shapes then, so get ready to put this hand bags on the floor as us Essex girls will show everyone how it is done

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