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Vivian Cook

Text messages exploit many traditional feature of novel spelling in English. Their unique peculiarity seems to be leaving out letters.

Letters for syllables or words

C: c u L8R, c side, if u c him.
I: i infection
N: fish n chips bN (been/bin)
O: o dear, o u, no (know)
P: gone 4 p, Pk (peek/peak)
Q: long q 4 cinema
R: R U there? (are you there?); Rt gallery (art gallery); R cute bunnies (ah, cute bunnies), roses r red
S: S tablish S tate (estate)
T: gone 4 t (gone 4 tea), R U in 4 T?
U: R U there? (are you there); UR (your)
V: V good
X: my X, Xhibition, thanx
Y: Y no reply, Yn 2 drink (wine to drink)
Z: zzzzz

Numbers for syllables or words 

1: 1t it (want it), 1day, some1, ne1 (anyone), sum1, 1st (first)
2: go 2, me 2, in2, 2day, c u 2morrow, 1 2 1
4: up 4 it, 4tun8, 4got, 4evr, 4ward
8: i 8 it, M8 (mate), gr8 (great), w8, l8er, w8ing


wot, nite, nu, gud, duz, coz, luv, woz, rite, fite, iz

Letter omission

Wrkin (working), fixd (fixed), gd (good), hv (have), rng (ring), spk (speak), yr (your), txtin (texting), wt (what), las ni (last night), msg (message), bn (been), lk (like), cld (could)

Pop spellings

neva, afta, ya, dis (this), der (there), dat (that), dey (they)neva, afta, ya, dis (this), der (there), dat (that), dey (they)

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