Direction of writing

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English is usually written from left-to-right, unlike many Indian and Middle East scripts that go from right to left or like traditional Chinese and Japanese character writing that go from top-to-bottom and right-to-left.


Vertical English

Top-to-bottom writing direction

Top-to-bottom writing direction  Top-to-bottom writing direction

Top-to-bottom writing direction

Square English in street signs

square writing direction

square writing English

square writing direction

Square writing direction

Spiral English

The only truly spiral writing is found, not in English, but in the yet to be deciphered script of the Phaistos Disk found in Crete, circa 17th century BC.

spiral writing direction English

Letter Reversal

Mirror writing direction

Right to left/left to right alternately (boustrophedon)
A strip of pills

boustrophedon alternate writing direction