Street signs using only capital letters

Vivian Cook


Capital letters are used in a number of ways in English. Words all in capitals tend to be used in formal public signs such as street names. Based on a selection of signs in Newcastle and Colchester

Old and new street signs

 Bilingual street sign Chines English Stowell Street 
Street Sign Leazes Park Road 

Street Sign Castle Stairs
Street sign Broad Chare

Street Sign Drury Lane 

Street Sign William's Walk Tiles

Constantine Road signs


Companies have to display their names near the front door of their registered office, often on brassplates, usually in all capital letters in a
serif typeface

Brass Plate mcCowie

Bilingual Brass Plate Cheung

Signs controlling movement and warning

'Amateur' signs prohibiting parking ets usually have all capitals, mostly in sans serif typefaces

Car Park Sign  No Parking sign

Parking sign Warning

Push bilingual sign 

Wet Paint sign    wet paint Chinese English bilingual sign


Many shop names are displayed in all capitals in serif fonts

Shop sign Hughes's

Sign Stoll Theatre



Sign Offices to let

Sign lecture Theatre's apostrophe

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