the death of the capital   
  and the rise of lowercase 
  Vivian Cook 

Most of the guides to English punctuation such as Trask (1997) and Todd (1995) claim that capital letters are used, inter alia: for the first word in a sentence or a line of poetry; for proper names <Bill>; for abbreviations (BBC); for a shortlist of words like <I>, <Tuesday>, <God>; and for content words in headings and book titles <The Case of the Worried Waitress>. A cursory glance shows that this analysis does not capture the language of the street. (Crossrefer to All Capitals).

Shop and business names

lower case shop street sign long tall sally

Street sign bank

lower case restaurant sign tea sutra


lower casae letters shop sign schuh

lower case shop name

Informing signs

street parking sign

Welcome street shop sign 

Open street sign

cafe sign the terrace

Bilingual notice, Sarajevo

Bilingual sign English Bosnian

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