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Some questions are easy if you are in Newcastle and you just need to look out for the answers or ask the Geordies. Others are difficult.

1. What is the Toon Army?

2. What and where is the Sage?

3. Where can Magpies be found in Newcastle?

4. Where is this? (if you know what it is, tell us the secret as nobody else knows)

Vampire Rabbit Newcastle         

5. And what is No 4ís relationship to this?

Bewick Rabbit

6. What has this to do with a cup of tea?
Gray's Memorial Newcastle

7. Which Metro station in Newcastle has bilingual signs and in what language?

Latin PLatfrom Sign Wallsend

8. Where and what is this?

This tunnel's two miles, an' it's strange for to tell
  That twenty full waggons will travel on't well;
With men for to brake them, they run doon se clivvor,
  An' in less than six minutes they're doon to the river.

Victoria Tunnel Newcastle


9. Which Newcastle street has bilingual street name-signs? In which language?

10. Where do the yellow buses go?
11. What is this?  
Invader sign Newcastle