The Newcastle Quiz


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Vivian Cook

1. What is the Toon Army?
The supporters of Newcastle United Football Club, aka the Magpies

2. What and where is the Sage?
A concert theatre complex in Gateshead Quayside

3. Where can Magpies be found in Newcastle?
Another name for Newcastle United, who play at St James' Park (for a while known as Sports Direct)

4. Where is this? (if you know what it is, tell us the secret as nobody else knows)

The 'Vampire Rabbit' beside St Nicholas Cathedral on an apartment block

5. And what is No 4’s relationship to this?

The workshop of Thomas Bewick, the famous 18th woodcut
artist, was a few yards from the Vampire Rabbit beside the cathedral

6. What has this to do with a cup of tea?

Monument to the nineteenth century politician Earl
Grey, after whom the tea is named

7. Which Metro station in Newcastle has bilingual
signs and in what language?

Wallsend (the end of Hadrian's wall) has signs and advertisements in Latin

8. How far is this from Newcastle University and what is it?
This tunnel's two miles, an' it's strange for to tell
That twenty full waggons will travel on't well;
  With men for to brake them, they run doon se clivvor,
 An' in less than six minutes they're doon to the river.

The Victoria Tunnel which took coal down from Spital Tongues to Ouseburn more or less under Claremont Street; there is access through a little green door in the bank outside the Great North Museum

9. Which Newcastle street has bilingual street name-signs?
In which language?

Stowell Street also known as Chinatown; Chinese characters
See Multilingual Newcastle Chinatowns of the world

10. Where do the yellow buses go?  
The main routes are:
Q1 Central Station Newcastle to Gateshead via Baltic/Sage.
Q2 Haymarket to St Peter's Basin via Quayside & Ouseburn.

11 What is this?

A work by a French street artist called Invader, copying icons from the early Space Invaders computer game. He has done this in many cities of the world and there are several examples in Newcastle. This one is in Stowell Street.