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The convention since the eighteenth century has been that apostrophe it's is used as a short form of it is - It's nice - and apostrophe-less its is used for possession - its wings. Between 1600 and 1700. it's was nevertheless used for the possessive; some people continue to use both forms.

Modern examples of mistakes



its missing apostrophe

it's added apostrophe

its missing apostrophe blackboard handwritten chalk
In the event that you are entitled to a refund UKPS or it's Partners' shall only be liable to refund the Check & Send charge that you have paid. Passport Application

thats missing apostropheAn equivalent with that's.

Web sources

  • Our hotel offers you exclusive use of it's Exercise Room.
  • Our brand name and reputation speaks for it's self with reach to all the major portals on the Internet.
  • Velocity Micro proves a computer is more than the sum of it's components.
  • SOUTHERN COOKING (at it's best)
  • Reasons Why its Great to be a Woman
  • Chevy Its Great to Skate Festival
  • "Its great letting someone else do the shopping for you"

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