Missing English Apostrophes

Vivian Cook

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Greengrocer's Apostrophe

In modern English many apostrophes are left out where they might be expected on street signs, advertisements etc, particularly with shop-names and names of festivals etc.


Mens missing apostrophe 

doctors missing apostrophe
doctors missing apostrophe

Mens Ladies missing apostrophe

Kaths missing apostrophe

directors missing apostrophe

fitters missing apostrophe


Captains missing apostrophe

Implausible concocted examples

"These are mine and those things over there are my husbands [husband's]."

"We have run out of food and have had to start eating the cats [cat's]."

Both examples in fact show the advantage of written English in making clear sentences that are ambiguous in speech.

The possessive apostrophe 's was introduced in the 17th century, has had varied usage ever since, has certainly started to vanish from many names of businesses, and is banned by some local councils such as Birmingham in new street names. See also the other apostrophe pages:  it's/its  Odd apostrophes