Peculiar Apostrophes

 Vivian Cook
Greengrocer's Apostrophes


Missing Apostrophes

Because of their uncertainty about the use of the apostrophe, people have always used it in varied and unusual ways.


Possessive 's' or not in shop-names?

Jones's apostrophe

Dunnes missing apostrophe


Possessive 's' or not in place-names?

Cow's Lane

quakers missing apostrophe


Plural s' or singular 's?


st Annes' odd apostrophe


Farmers, Farmerís or Farmersí Market? All on a single page of a newspaper


's in names ending in s?

St James' apostrophe

St Thomas' apostrophe

 St Thomas missing apostrophe

St Giles's odd apostrophe

see St Abbreviations


Slipping apostrophes

Antique,s slipping apostrophe/comma


Strange Apostrophes

trango's odd apostrophe

Buy's sell's repair's  extra apostrophe with verbs

women'secret odd aprostrophe

Fashion's Park odd apostrophe


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