A Corpus of L2 Students' Spelling Mistakes


SLA Topics  Vivian Cook  SLL and LT
Spelling Data

200 mistakes each from seven L1s (Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish) taken from the Longman Corpus of Student English and own collections of student essay mistakes. 
Part of this is described in: Cook, V.J. (1997), ‘L2 users and English spelling’, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 18, 6, 474-488.

a (am) Chinese
aboundant Chinese
Abul (able) Arabic
accomaditing Chinese
accomodate Chinese
accomodation French
accomodation  Italian
accomodation French
accomodation  Italian
accomodation  Italian
accomodation Italian
accomodation French
accomodation French
accomodation French
accomodation Japanese
Accomodation French
Accomodation French
Accomodation  French
Accomodation  French
Accomodation German
accomodation German
Accomodation French
Accomodation  Italian
accomodation x2  Italian
accomodation x3  Italian
accomodation x3 Italian
accomodations  Italian
accout Japanese
accross Spanish
accsess Japanese
accumilation Japanese
achivement Chinese
acient Chinese
Acompany Chinese
acquainte (acquaint)  Chinese
acquisation x2 Arabic
Acquisation x2 Arabic
Activety German
activies Chinese
Actraction Italian
ad (and) German
adavantage Japanese
addres Arabic
Addrese Arabic
Addresse Italian
Addressis Italian
addtion Japanese
Adecuated (educated) Spanish
adovocated Japanese
adrenalin French
adres Italian
Adres French
adress German
adress German
adress German
adress French
Adress French
Adress French
adress Arabic
Adress German
adress Italian
Adress Italian
adress Spanish
adress x2 Arabic
adresse Italian
Adresse Italian
Adresses Italian
Adresses Spanish
advertisment x2 French
Advertisment x2 Italian
advertisments x7 German
Ae (are) German
Aericans Chinese
Affraid French
affraid Chinese
Afful (awful) Arabic
aftenoon Italian
Afternnon Italian
againest Chinese
Againg Spanish
Agein German
Agreable Spanish
Agreculture Arabic
Agreee Italian
agressive Japanese
Ales (else) Arabic
Allarm Arabic
Allmost Chinese
allways German
aloso Japanese
Alreaday French
Altair (altar) Italian
Althought Spanish
althouth Chinese
alwais Italian
alway Chinese
alway Spanish
Amerians French
amicabole Chinese
Amircan Arabic
Amiricans Chinese
An (and) Italian
an (and) Italian
an (and) Italian
An (and) Arabic
anaylise Japanese
angree Arabic
anient Italian
annivalent (??) Japanese
Anothe Italian
ansister Chinese
Answere German
anther Japanese
Apears German
appart (apart) Spanish
appointement French
apreciated French
aquir Chinese
araund French
Archealogy Chinese
architeture Chinese
ard (hard) Chinese
areospace Chinese
Arguement Spanish
arived Arabic
Aroud Italian
arrage German
arraging Chinese
Arrang Spanish
arraning (arranging) Chinese
arrenged Spanish
articels German
Asist Spanish
asist Spanish
Assimalate Spanish
Assisant German
assissting Chinese
assit (assist) Spanish
assuption Japanese
Atention Spanish
atention, Spanish
Attencion Japanese
Attened (attended) French
authistic Spanish
Avaible Spanish
avalaible Spanish
ave (have) Chinese
Avialable Chinese
Ay (any) French
Aybody (anybody) German
Bady (baby) Arabic
bailingual Japanese
Bat (bad) Japanese
Beacause Italian
beadroom (bedroom) German
beaucause German
Beause Italian
Beauti German
beautifull x2 German
becan (began) German
Becaus Japanese
becaus Chinese
Becouse Italian
becouse Arabic
Becouse Italian
Becuas Arabic
Becuse Arabic
Befor Italian
Begener Arabic
Beginer Spanish
beginer Spanish
beging, Spanish
begining Spanish
begining Spanish
begining French
Begining French
begining German
begining, Spanish
behavor Chinese
Beheviour Italian
belive Arabic
Belive Italian
belive Japanese
belive Spanish
belived Chinese
belived Spanish
bens (bends) German
bidimentinal Japanese
biger Spanish
biger Italian
bigginer Arabic
biligualism Japanese
Biologie German
bith-rate Chinese
bleu Italian
blook (block) Italian
borne German
borring French
bough (bought) German
Bourmouth Spanish
bout (about) Japanese
Boyes Chinese
Brack (black) Japanese
Brasilian Italian
Braun French
Bref Arabic
Bridbroom Chinese
brining (bringing) Chinese
Britany French
Brite (bright) French
Brocken German
brote (brought) Japanese
buidling French
builingual Japanese
buisness Spanish
Busines Spanish
businesman German
Bussines Spanish
Bussiness Chinese
Bussiness French
bussiness Chinese
bussiness Italian
bussiness x2 Spanish
bussinessman Chinese
Bussinessmen Japanese
Buttery (battery) Arabic
by (be) German
cafetaria Chinese
calld Chinese
Callender Italian
Camer Japanese
campanes Japanese
Carefull French
Carefull German
Carke (cards) French
Carneval German
carree (career) Spanish
carrees (careers) Spanish
Cary German
cassete German
Cathastrophes Spanish
Catrpillar German
Caurse Arabic
Ceremoney Chinese
Champaign x 4 German
Chane (chance) Chinese
charater Chinese
Chealsea Italian
Chidlren French
chidren Chinese
chieftly French
Chiken French
Chines Italian
chioce Chinese
choise Italian
Choise Italian
Choosen Spanish
chreeful (cheerful) Japanese
Chrissening French
chutty (chatty) Japanese
cigarrets German
Claps (clasp) Italian
cleary Japanese
Climat French
climat French
clouths German
Coal (call) Arabic
Coast (cost) Arabic
codeswitcing Japanese
coem German
Cofee French
colaboration Spanish
Cold (could) German
colledge Japanese
colledge Chinese
colledge Japanese
coloful Chinese
comercial German
Comittee French
Comittee German
comment (common sense) Chinese
Comming French
Comming French
Comming German
comming German
Committe German
Committe German
commuication Japanese
communicat Chinese
compagny French
compariing Japanese
Compartement German
Competely French
competion Chinese
complet x2 Arabic
completey French
Completly French
Completly French
comprehesion Japanese
Comunicate German
Comunicate Japanese
concering Japanese
concers (concerns) Italian
concieved Chinese
conclosion Arabic
conclueded Japanese
Concted (connected) Arabic
concted (connected) Arabic
condicioned Spanish
conected Spanish
coner (corner) Chinese
Confertable Arabic
confortable French
Confortable French
confortable German
congitive Japanese
Congraculations German
Congration Chinese
Congratulacions Spanish
congratulale Chinese
Congratulatios French
congraulate Arabic
congrulate Italian
Consequentley German
Constantely German
Contat Arabic
contens German
Continuosly Italian
Contries Arabic
Controdictory Chinese
controll Japanese
Contury (country) Chinese
convension Japanese
cool (call) Italian
coosed (Chose) German
Corse (course) Italian
corse German
Cosexseual Chinese
coubrd (cupboard) Arabic
coudn’t Spanish
couldent x2 German
couldint Japanese
Couler (colour) Arabic
Coulour Italian
counties (countries) Chinese
Countris x2 Arabic
courese Japanese
Cours Arabic
coursing (causing) Chinese
couse (course) German
Couse (course) Chinese
coused (caused) Japanese
coventional Japanese
Cozy German
Cradit Arabic
Creat French
cresit Japanese
Crete (create) French
Crimenal x2 Arabic
crimial x 3 Chinese
cruissing French
Cuickly Arabic
cultuer Japanese
Custome (costume) German
Custome (costume) German
custumer French
cuture (culture) Chinese
Danemark French
Danerous French
Decidet Italian
Deciede French
Decieded French
decison French
definately Spanish
defination Japanese
Definetely French
demoractic Chinese
Depondence French
derived (deprived) Japanese
Descript (described) Italian
Desguised French
desigs Spanish
Desparate German
desperated German
Developpe French
devlopmet Japanese
diagrames Japanese
diaspolas Japanese
Dieteli (dietary) Italian
diferent Spanish
Differencies Arabic
differene Chinese
difficulity Japanese
Diffrent Arabic
diffrents German
difinite Japanese
dilema Japanese
Diplomer French
discoveried Chinese
discribe Japanese
discribe Japanese
discription Japanese
disicion (decision) Chinese
Dispair German
Displines Arabic
dobled Japanese
Docotr German
Dollas ( dollars) German
Draw (drawer) French
dreatfully French
dreem Italian
drowing French
ealiest (earliest) Japanese
Ealry Italian
earings (ear-rings) Spanish
easly Italian
economie Spanish
editol (editor) French
efective Japanese
Efficent Italian
eforded Japanese
egar Arabic
Eglish (English) French
eigther Spanish
elementally Japanese
embarassed French
empasises Japanese
emphysize Japanese
endiveduoly Chinese
energys Spanish
Engagment French
Engilish Arabic
Englan Japanese
Englsh Italian
Engneering Japanese
enjoi Arabic
Enjoing Italian
enought Italian
enought Italian
enthousiastic French
Envadors Chinese
eough German
Esealy French
Esk German
Especialy German
Espetially Japanese
espically Japanese
Essencial Chinese
essencially Spanish
ethuistic French
Europian Japanese
Europian Japanese
Europian Japanese
Eurpoiens Japanese
Evenning 1 French
everyoe (everyone) Chinese
everythig Chinese
Everywher Italian
evey Japanese
eving Arabic
Evining Spanish
evry Arabic
Evry Arabic
Exagerating Arabic
exame Italian
exames German
exapt (accept) Italian
excelent Spanish
exclussive Spanish
exectly Arabic
exelent Spanish
exellent Chinese
Exellent Italian
exempol Italian
exhistence Italian
eximinations Italian
exiting (exciting) German
exiting (exciting) Spanish
exmple Japanese
expences Japanese
expences Italian
expencive Italian
expencive Italian
expencive Italian
exsist Italian
exsists Chinese
exspecting Japanese
extent (extend) Spanish
Extention Spanish
Extention French
Extit German
extrimes Italian
eye-lashs Spanish
Faily (family) French
Faind Japanese
fairful (faithfully) Spanish
Faitfully Spanish
faithfuly French
Faithfuly Spanish
famas Arabic
familiality Italian
Familly French
Farnished Japanese
Fascineting Spanish
fasion Japanese
Favore Chinese
Feahers (feathers) Arabic
Fee (free) German
Feever x2 Italian
ficerely (fiercely) Arabic
finaly Chinese
Finisch Japanese
finnal Italian
Fisical (physical) Chinese
Fisically Italian
Focuss Spanish
fone Spanish
ford (forward) Italian
forgett Japanese
Forgetten Italian
forgoten Spanish
forign Italian
form (from) Japanese
Formes Spanish
Forsee French
Forth (fourth) Japanese
forthnight Spanish
Fossal German
foundamental Chinese
four (for) Japanese
Fourtuntely German
fourty-four Arabic
Frane French
fredges (fridges) Italian
Frefeit (favourite) French
Freind Arabic
Freinds Arabic
freinds French
Frieday Arabic
frieds (friends) German
frinend (friend) Italian
frist Japanese
frougile Chinese
frowers (flowers) Italian
fundamenntaly Japanese
funy French
Futher Japanese
futur French
Futur French
Futur Chinese
Futur French
Generouse Japanese
Gentel Arabic
geritful Arabic
Gest (guest) Spanish
Ghift Arabic
Gimnestic Italian
Gorup Italian
Goverment Spanish
Goverment Japanese
goverments Spanish
gramatikal Arabic
gramma Japanese
grammartical Chinese
grammer Japanese
Grammer Japanese
Grammer Arabic
granit French
Grany Japanese
Gratefull Italian
Gratefull German
Gratefull French
Gratefull Spanish
Gratefuly Spanish
Greatful Spanish
Greatfull Arabic
Greatfull Arabic
grobal Arabic
growen Japanese
guaranttee German
Guitly (guilty) Spanish
guranteed Chinese
gust (guest) Japanese
hability Spanish
Hae (have) Chinese
Hae Chinese
Haer Arabic
Hald (half) Arabic
Hamberger Arabic
hamberger Chinese
Happend Chinese
happend Arabic
happend German
happend German
Happines Spanish
harnassing German
Hat (had) Chinese
Heared Arabic
heart (head) Spanish
heat (heart) Spanish
heathy (healthy) Japanese
Heatrow Japanese
Heigh Italian
Hellen German
Helo Italian
Hem (them) Arabic
Hethro Arabic
higher archary (hierarchy) German
Hight (high) Chinese
Hight (high) French
Hight (High) Arabic
hiigher Italian
historyically Spanish
historyically Spanish
hold (old), German
holyday French
holydays French
Holydays Italian
Hopping (hoping) Spanish
Horrour Arabic
Hostal Spanish
Hoter French
hour (four) Arabic
Hs (has) Japanese
hught Spanish
hungay (hungry) French
hve German
Hve Chinese
hyponim Spanish
identy French
Identy German
Illitrate Italian
illnes Spanish
Imagening Arabic
Imformation German
imigrants Chinese
Immediatley German
Immediatly German
Immediatly Spanish
immence German
immidiately Japanese
implys Chinese
Import (important) French
Importan Spanish
Imposible Japanese
imposible Spanish
imposibol Spanish
improoving German
improvment French
inacessible French
Inconceibable Spanish
inconviniences Arabic
Incourage German
Incresing Arabic
indefinit Arabic
indentified Italian
independance Japanese
independant Chinese
Indiferent Chinese
influecnce Italian
influencial Chinese
influnc Japanese
Ingeneer French
Injoid Chinese
Inmediately Spanish
inpolite German
Insaid Chinese
Insaide Arabic
insead (instead) Arabic
Instalations French
Insteat French
Institude German
Institue Arabic
insuffant (insufficient) Spanish
inteligence Spanish
Intemedat Arabic
interes Spanish
interesstet Arabic
intergration German
intergrim (interim) Japanese
Intermidiate Japanese
Interprate French
interprete Japanese
Interrested French
interssted Chinese
intersted Spanish
Intrested German
intrested Arabic
Intrested Arabic
Invitetion German
invitetion Arabic
Invitition Arabic
Ist (is) Arabic
Italien German
Japanes Italian
Jeny's Chinese
jewelries German
Jewelry Chinese
Jhon Spanish
Jhon Chinese
Johin (join) French
Joind Arabic
joine German
joing Spanish
joks Chinese
Julay Arabic
Kentuky Arabic
kenturkey fried chicken Chinese
kising Chinese
knee (kneel) Chinese
knoledge Spanish
Knowe French
Lader French
Laste Arabic
Lather (leather) Spanish
law (lawn) Arabic
lead (led) Spanish
leaners (learners) Japanese
Lear (learn) Japanese
Lear (learn) Arabic
Leat (let) Italian
leathere Arabic
lef (left) Spanish
lenghened Italian
Lerning Japanese
lether Arabic
liek Arabic
life (live adj) Chinese
Life (live) German
life (live) German
Lifes Spanish
lifes German
Lifes Spanish
Lik (like) Chinese
lik (like) Spanish
listning SP Spanish
liter (letter) Arabic
literery (literally) Arabic
Lither (leather) Japanese
Litle Arabic
Litle Chinese
litter (letter) German
loking Arabic
loner (longer) German
Looke German
Loosing (losing) French
lukliy Arabic
Ma (my) French
Maby (may be) Spanish
Maches (matches) Spanish
Madem (madam) French
Maikes Italian
Mane (man) Chinese
Manshed (mentioned) Arabic
maried Arabic
marriege Spanish
marvolous Chinese
massage Chinese
mathches (matches) Chinese
matyr Arabic
Mavelous Chinese
maximam Japanese
May (my) Japanese
meantion German
med Chinese
Medecines French
meeal German
meetting Chinese
ment Spanish
Ment French
Menthal (mental) Chinese
menthal Italian
mentionned Spanish
Meny Italian
Mesage French
metal (mental) German
Middum (medium) Japanese
migh Arabic
ministory Italian
Mis (miss) Spanish
Miscaleneous French
misstakes Japanese
mixig Japanese
Mixt (mix) French
Moal (mall) German
Mold (mould) Japanese
monney French
moove German
Mor Italian
Morden Arabic
Mordenizations Chinese
Morever French
Moring (morning) Chinese
Morman 0 German
morried x2 (married) Chinese
Mosquitos French
Moul (mule) German
Mountans Arabic
Mounth Japanese
mounths Italian
Moustach Italian
Moveing Arabic
Moviments German
Mths (maths) Italian
Mumber (number) French
mumber French
Muniutes German
muscial Spanish
mutural (mutual) Arabic
Nacionality Spanish
Nead (need?) Chinese
Neccery Italian
neccesary Spanish
neccessarily Arabic
Neccessary French
necesary Spanish
necesities German
necesity Spanish
neclear Chinese
Nerses Chinese
Nertherland French
Nessary Arabic
Net West Bank (NatWest) Chinese
Nex Spanish
non-lexcial Chinese
normaly Spanish
Nost (nose) Japanese
Nowdays French
nowdays Spanish
nowdays German
Numbr French
nursury Japanese
nusiance Chinese
Obbligation German
obligred Spanish
obtein Spanish
obundant Italian
ocassions Spanish
occassionally Spanish
occpied Arabic
ocian Chinese
ocurred Spanish
Oe (one) French
off course Japanese
Olmost French
omelet Spanish
On (an) Italian
onether (another) Italian
Onother (another) French
Opinnion Italian
Oportunity French
oppinion Spanish
opportuity Italian
Opputunity Japanese
organge Spanish
organizzing Japanese
orrible French
orthogrhapic Chinese
ou (you) Japanese
overlaping French
paiying Chinese
Paked Italian
panick German
Panished Japanese
Parrets French
partecipate Japanese
Particuarly French
particulary Italian
particulery Italian
Partime French
past (passed) Italian
Pastage (postage) French
paste tenes Chinese
pasted (passed) Italian
pay (play) German
Payed Chinese
peapole Italian
Peddy (paddy) Italian
Pelse (please) German
Peole German
peopl Italian
peopl Chinese
Peper French
perseude Japanese
personaly Chinese
personaly Spanish
Personn French
Personnally German
persuing German
perticipate Chinese
phonolgical Japanese
photoes Spanish
phylosophy French
Pitty Spanish
Plaine (plane) Japanese
plase Italian
plase Chinese
plausiblity Italian
playind Spanish
pleas Japanese
Pleasent Arabic
Pleast (Please) Italian
Plecs (places) Spanish
Plese German
plese German
Plesent (present) Spanish
Plesent Italian
Plesure Spanish
Ploblems German
Poeple Arabic
poin (point) German
polacy (?policy) Japanese
Polieman Chinese
Polution French
poroject German
porperous (prosperous) Chinese
porpular Chinese
Posable French
posibol Spanish
Positely (positively) Spanish
poslble Spanish
Postge Spanish
potogiahs Spanish
poupular Chinese
Powerfull French
Practicle French
Pratical Arabic
pratical Chinese
praticat (practice) Spanish
precias Chinese
precios Italian
preferebly Italian
prefered French
prefered Italian
preferenecs Italian
prefessional Italian
Prepairing Spanish
Presen Chinese
Pretented French
priciples Arabic
princles Japanese
pritty Spanish
probaly Japanese
Probleme Chinese
problemtic Arabic
Probles Chinese
profesional Spanish
professinal Chinese
proffesional Spanish
proffessional Spanish
Programes Japanese
Pronounciation French
pronounciation Arabic
pronunce Chinese
Proove French
prooving Japanese
prople Japanese
proportins Arabic
Propter (proper) Japanese
prospretiy Italian
Pround French
psycological Japanese
Puneshments Italian
Punishement Arabic
purs Spanish
Qite (quite) Spanish
Quareling Arabic
quarreling German
Questionaire German
quiet (quite) German
Quite (quiet) Spanish
quorification Japanese
radial (radical) Japanese
re (are) Japanese
Realy (really) German
realy Japanese
Realy German
realy Arabic
Realy German
realy Arabic
realy Spanish
Receavet Arabic
Recieved Arabic
recive Chinese
Recive Arabic
Recive Italian
Recived Arabic
Recived Italian
Recived Italian
Recived Spanish
Recived Spanish
recocnised Italian
recognice German
recongnised German
Recongnised Arabic
Red (read) Arabic
reely Arabic
refletion Spanish
Refound (refund) Arabic
regardeless (regarding!) Arabic
Registation French
Regreted Italian
Reilaised Japanese
relevent Arabic
relex Japanese
Reliezed Chinese
relitaves Arabic
relized French
relly Chinese
relunctant Spanish
Rember Chinese
Rememberd Italian
rennovation Spanish
Repat (repeat) Arabic
requiere Spanish
reseption German
reserches Arabic
Reserching Italian
Reseved (received) Arabic
resonable Arabic
respecitively Arabic
Responsabilities French
Responsabilities French
Responsability Spanish
resposabilities French
resterant French
restourant Japanese
Retalions (relations) Spanish
Retern Italian
Revengful Arabic
Rhytms German
Rigt (right) Italian
Rivarly French
rom (room) German
Romamization Chinese
Rong (wrong) Japanese
Rotchild (Rothschild?) Spanish
Rought French
Run (rum) French
sabect (subject) French
Sacke (sake) German
Safary (safare) Arabic
Sanday (Sunday) Spanish
sant (sent) Italian
Satifacation Chinese
sattelites Japanese
saussages x2 French
sayd Chinese
scenary German
Scercise French
schaol (school) Chinese
schollar-days Spanish
Scoule Chinese
searcned Arabic
secondaly German
secorndary Japanese
secoundry Chinese
See (sea) Japanese
Seemes Italian
Seens (scenes) Japanese
seing Spanish
separate Arabic
Sers (Sirs) Chinese
severily (severely) Spanish
severve Italian
Shool French
shooling Chinese
shopps Chinese
shourt (shot) Chinese
Sice Chinese
Sicerely French
Sich Chinese
sigs (sighs) German
Sik German
simalteniously Arabic
Sinarely (sincerely) French
sincerelly Spanish
Sincerelly Spanish
sincerley French
sincerley Italian
Sincerlly German
Sincerly Arabic
sincerly French
Sincerly French
Sincerly Japanese
Sincerly Italian
sincerly Spanish
Sincersly Spanish
sine (since) German
Situetion Italian
sleept Spanish
Sloutions Italian
smilling Arabic
Snorring Chinese
socieal German
soe Chinese
Someonelse French
someting German
somme French
soo Japanese
soom (soon) Japanese
Sory Italian
speach Arabic
Specialy Japanese
Specilist Arabic
Specting (expecting) Spanish
Speeking French
spetial (special) Chinese
spirital Japanese
Sportman French
sqush (squash) Chinese
sround (surrounded) Italian
Stady Japanese
Staid (stayed) Arabic
staing (staying) German
star (started) Arabic
stastics Chinese
Stayle (style) x2 Japanese
Steped Arabic
stonachache Chinese
storys French
Strenght French
Strenghten French
stricktly German
strugling German
stud (study) Japanese
studet Japanese
studient French
studing (x2) German
Studing Chinese
studing German
Studuardess (stewardess) French
studyed Chinese
studys Japanese
Stuent Japanese
stuiped Arabic
subejects Arabic
subjet Japanese
subjikts Chinese
Substitude Spanish
substitude German
Suceed French
Sucessful German
Suddely Chinese
suddently German
Suitacase Chinese
suituations German
Sujject French
summerize Japanese
Sundag Japanese
Sunddenly Italian
Superarke Arabic
Suprised German
suprised German
surpraised Spanish
Surronded German
Susn Japanese
Sutible German
Swiming French
Swiming French
symbles Italian
Szene (scene) Japanese
Tanking (thanking) German
teachg Chinese
Teaher German
teahers Japanese
Technoogy Chinese
tecnology Chinese
tel (tell) Chinese
telefon Arabic
telefon German
Telephon Italian
telephon German
Telephon French
telephon German
telephon Italian
teling Italian
telle (tell) Spanish
tempel Arabic
Temperatue Chinese
teorically (theoretically) German
terible Italian
Test (best) Spanish
Th (the) Italian
Thanke Italian
The (then ) Italian
the (they) German
theese Chinese
Theese Italian
Thei (their) Italian
their (there)Italian
thend (tend) Chinese
Ther (their) Spanish
Ther (they) Japanese
theri ??? French
therthday Chinese
thesys Arabic
thier Italian
thier Japanese
thig French
thik (think) Japanese
Thing (think) Japanese
thogether Arabic
though (thought) Chinese
Thoughfulness Chinese
Throught Spanish
Tighied Italian
til Spanish
Tink (think) German
Tinnis Chinese
Tirred Arabic
Tis (this) German
Tissu French
to (too) Italian
toether French
Togethert German
togue (tongue) German
Toilett Chinese
Toke (took) German
Tokio (Tokyo) Italian
Toled (told) Italian
totaly Arabic
Tottemham French
tought (thought) Spanish
tought (touched) Japanese
Tourisum German
Trable (trouble) Japanese
transparant Japanese
Trave (travel) Japanese
Traying Japanese
tree (three) Arabic
Trie (try) Japanese
tried (tired) German
Tripp (trip)  Arabic
troblem (problem) German
trough (through)  Chinese
Trully French
Tryed Chinese
tub-station  Japanese
Tuersday  French
Tugh (touch)  German
Turism  German
twenth (twentieth)  Japanese
twety  Chinese
Twon (town) German
tyring  Spanish
Uesd  Japanese
Umbereala Arabic
undergraind French
undestanding Arabic
Undrestandble  German
Unforgatable  Arabic
Unform (uniform)  French
Unfortsunetly  Arabic
unfortunalely Spanish
unfortunalety  Spanish
Unfortunatelly  Arabic
Unfortunatily  Spanish
unfortunatly  French
Unfortunatly  Italian
unfurtinatly  Italian
unidimentional  Arabic
Unimployed  Japanese
Universies  German
universitty  Chinese
Univerty  Japanese
Univirsity  Arabic
uniyversity  Arabic
unkown  Italian
unployment (unemployment) Spanish
unpriviledged Chinese
Unsfortunately Chinese
Untill Italian
untill German
untill Spanish
Untill Italian
untill Japanese
Upening (opening) Japanese
uper German
urgued (urged) Arabic
Urob Chinese
Usefull French
Usefull French
ussually Spanish
Vard (Visa card) Arabic
vasa (vase) Japanese
Vergot  Chinese
verry  Italian
Verry  German
Verry German
Verry  German
verry x3  Japanese
vey (very)  German
Violance German
Violant Arabic
Vioulance Arabic
virtigo Arabic
Visitars  Japanese
Visiters  Arabic
visitting  Japanese
vocaburalies  German
vocaburaries  Japanese
vocabylary Japanese
volontary French
wa (we) Japanese
wacthing Japanese
wald (would) Italian
Walet  Italian
walet  Arabic
Wallett  Arabic
Walsh (Welsh)  Italian
wan (want) Japanese
Warddrover (wardrobe)  Spanish
wards (words) German
wasllet  Japanese
Wat (what)  Italian
Wat (what) German
Wat  Arabic
weath (wealth) Arabic
weddin Spanish
Wednsday Spanish
Weedding  Italian
Weedding Italian
Weeding (wedding)  Italian
welcom  Arabic
Wellcome Spanish
Wellcome  French
Wenderfull  Chinese
Wendesdays  Arabic
Wendsday Italian
Wensday  Italian
were (where)  Italian
weshes (wishes)  Italian
Weshis (wishes) Arabic
Weth (with)  Arabic
wether (weather) Italian
wether (whether) Italian
Wether (whether) German
Wether (whether)  Spanish
Wheather (weather)  Italian
Whech  Japanese
wheren't (weren't) Arabic
whick (which)  Italian
whih Chinese
whish  Chinese
Whishes  Chinese
Whithout French
whould (would) Spanish
Wiat (wait) German
wich (which) Chinese
wich (which)  Spanish
Wich German
Wich French
Wich Arabic
wich Spanish
Wicth (which)  Spanish
Widding (wedding)  Italian
wil  Arabic
Withe  Spanish
woked (worked)  Italian
wold Chinese
Wold Arabic
wold Japanese
Wold Arabic
Womane (woman) Arabic
wonderfull Arabic
Woul (would)  Italian
Wright (right) x2  Japanese
Wright  Italian
wrincles  Japanese
writeen  Japanese
Writen  Japanese
writen  Chinese
writte (write)  Spanish
Writte (write)  Spanish
Writte  Arabic
writting (writing)  Italian
writting  Chinese
writting  German
Writting  French
writting  French
writting  Spanish
writting  German
Wrotten (written)  French
Yar (your)  Spanish
Yau (you)  Chinese
Yaur (your)  Italian
Yo (you)  Italian
Yo (you) French
Yo (you) Chinese
Youngesters  Italian
Youres (yours) Arabic
Yp (up)  German
Yp (up) Italian