Using existing data and tools for applied linguistics research

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This is a collection of links to places where SLA research tools and data seem to be on-line. This does not mean that their authentic versions should not be looked for in the authors' own writings. And links seem to change every time you look away from the screen.

1. Bibliographies
vocabulary : VARGA research techniques :

2. Existing data 
bilingual corpora: CHILDES Child Language Data Exchange System
spelling mistake corpus: phonology data: Speech accent archive at George Mason University

L2 learner corpora

3. Existing tools
A phonology: as above
Summer Institute of Linguistics
B vocabulary 
size : Paul Nation

Word associations: /
MRC Psycholinguistics DataBase:\

Multiple word tests/lists etc: The Compleat Lexical Tutor
Picture naming norms:
C syntax: Oxford Placement Test.
on-line grammaticality judgements:

4 motivation:

5 language historyquestionnaire:
'free' on-line questionnaires of your own

6 strategies SILL: adapted Learning strats test

7 profiling : LARSP:    

8 experiment generators: E-Prime