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Acquisition (SLA) Topics

Vivian Cook   SLL&LT book

General topics
Early developments in SLA research
Krashen's Comprehension Hypothesis
Temporal variables approaches
The ESF project and functional development
L2 acquisition of phonology
Cook's Instant Accent test

L2 acquisition of vocabulary

YouTubes on:
Wine words  Passionate Visions  Meanings of 'language' etc

L2 and Universal Grammar [Old UG paper]
What is L2 Learning? (talk handout)
Foreign and second languages
Multi-competence perspective
Multi-competence definition
Evidence for multi-competence
Multi-competence outline
Annotated multi-competence references
Bilingual cognition: sources
Bilingual cognition and language teaching: talk handout
Draft book section on multi-competence and UG
Background to the L2 user perspective
Basing teaching on the L2 user: draft of a chapter
YouTube: the L2 user

SLA Research Methodology
SLA research methodology
Mean Length of Utterance
SLA research tools on-line
Motivation test
Learning strategies: Test skeleton

Learning and using
L2 spelling
L2 learner spelling corpora
L2 writing systems
L2 communication /compensatory strategies
Pidgins and creoles

Multilingualism and bilingualism
Cognitive processes in L2 users
Bilingualism models and memory
Neurolinguistics of SLA
Images of L2 users
Bilingual public signs

Individual differences
Motivation   Attitudes   Other individual factors   L2 learning strategies

Controversial questions
Does age matter in SLA?
Is L1 learning like L2 learning?

Language teaching
Background to language teaching

Foreign versus second language learning
The native speaker
Using L1 in language teaching
Goals of English language teaching
Short glossary of language teaching methods
Old teaching articles
English tones
Key issues in SLA and language teaching

Some research tools and links
Speech Accent Archive   SLA quotes
Research tools    Linguistics glossary

Multi-competence site  
Bilingual signs site

L2 Learning and Language Teaching (book site) 
Online writings



Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, Vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit

'And do not listen to those who keep saying, 'The voice of the people is the voice of God.' because the tumult of the crowd is always close to madness.'

Alcuin of York, 798

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