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Codeswitching Exercise  

Look at the list of reasons for code-switching below and then say which applies to each of these examples of code-switching, taken from a variety of sources.

1. English-Swedish: Peaken var inte bra på spotmarknaden (The peak was not good on the spot market)

2. English-Spanish: But I wanted to fight her con los puños, you know. (But I wanted to fight her with my fists, you know)

3. French-English: Tu dévisses le bouchon.. comme ça... et tu squirt. ('You unscrew the cap... like this, and you squirt')

4. English-Spanish: No van a bring it up in the meeting. (They're not going to bring it up in the meeting.)

5. French/Swedish Mother: Tu reprendras un peu de ca? (Would you like some more?) Emily to her mother in Swedish: ‘Jag tror inte att hon tycker om det’. (I don't think she likes it)

6. Russian-French: Imela une femme de chambre. (She had a chambermaid.)

7. Greek/English: Ήμουν βιβλιοθήκη και ήθελα να πάρω copycard και λέω ‘five pound phonecard please’ (I was at the library and I wanted to buy a copycard and I say ‘five pound phonecard please’)

8. Hindi-English: Maine bahut bardas kiya hai but now it's getting too much. (I have withstood a lot but...)

9. English-Spanish: So you todavia haven't decided lo que vas a hacer next week. (So you still haven't decided what you're going to do next week.)

Reasons for Codeswitching

1. reporting someone else’s speech
2. interjecting
3. highlighting particular information
4. switching to a topic more suitable for one language
5. changing the speaker’s role
6. qualifying the topic
7. singling out one person to direct speech at
8. ignorance of a form in one language