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Course-books Mentioned

These are arranged by book title since this is the usual way teachers refer to them. Those which are not for English should be obvious from the title. Older editions of some books that are cited have been listed separately.

Active Intonation (1968) V.J. Cook, Harlow: Longman

All’s Well that Starts Well (1975) A. DickinsonJ. LevêqueH. Sagot and Gilbert. Paris: Didier, DL

Angol Nyelv Alapfoken (1987) B.A. Edina and S. Ivanne, Budapest: Tankonyvkiado

Atlas 1 (1995) D. Nunan, Boston: Heinle and Heinle

Beginner’s Choice, The (1992). S. Mohamed and R. Acklam, Harlow: Longman

Break Into English (1985) M. Carrier, S. Haines and D. Christie, Sevenoaks: Hodder and Stoughton

Buzz (1993) J. Revell and P. Seligson, London: BBC English

Cambridge English (1984) M. Swan and C. Walters, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Changes (1998) J.C. Richards, Cambridge: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Ci Siamo (1997) C. Guarnuccio and E. Guarnuccio, Port Melbourne, Australia: CIS Heinemann

COBUILD English Course 1 (1988) J. Willis and D. Willis, London: Collins

Columbus 21 English Course (2012) Higashi-go Katsuaki, Misumara Tosho

Concept 7-9  (1972) J. Wight, R.A. Norris and F.J. Worsley, Leeds: E.J. Arnold

Deux Mondes: A Communicative Approach (1993) T.D. Terrell, M.B. Rogers, B.K. Barnes and M. Wolff-Hessini, New York: McGraw-Hill

En Avant (1970) Nuffield French course. London: E.J. Arnold

English for the Fifth Class (1988) V. Despotova, T. Shopov and V. Stoyanka, Sofia: Nardodna Prosveta

English for You (1983) G. Graf, Berlin: Volk und Wissen Volkseigener Verlag

English Topics (1975) V.J. Cook, Oxford: Oxford University Press

English Unlimited (2010). J. Doff, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Essential  Grammar in Use (2012) R. Murphy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Flying Colours 1 (1990) J. Garton-Sprenger and S. Greenall, London: Heinemann

Function in English (1982) J. Blundell, J. Higgins and N. Middlemiss, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Handling Spelling (1985) J. Davis, Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes

Headway (1987) J. Soars and L. Soars, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Headway Elementary (1993) L. Soars and J. Soars, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Hotline (1992) T Hutchinson, Oxford: OUP

How to Improve Your Memory (1987) A. Wright, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

I Love English (1985) G. Capelle, C. Pavik and M.K. Segal, New York: Regents

International Express (1996) L. Taylor, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Italian Now! (2012) M. Danesi, New York: Barrons

Just Right (2004) J. Harmer, London: Marshall-Cavendish

Keep Talking (1984) F. Klippel, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Language Activator (1993) Harlow: London

Learning to Learn English (1989) G. Ellis and B. Sinclair, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Libre Echange (1995) J. Courtillon and G-D. de Salins, Paris: Hatier/Didier

Listening File (1989) J. Harmer and A. Ellsworth, Harlow: Longman

Live Action English (2000) E. Romijn and C. Seely, Berkeley: Command Performance Language Institute

Living with People (1983) V.J. Cook, Oxford: Pergamon Press

Making Sense of Spelling and Pronunciation (1993) C. Digby and J. Myers, Hemel Hempstead

Meeting People (1982) V.J. Cook, Oxford: Pergamon Press

More English Now! (1981) J. Gary and N. Gary, 'Comprehension-based language instruction: practice,' in H. Winitz (ed.) Native and Foreign Language Acquisition, N.Y. Academy of Sciences

Move (2007) B. Bowler and S. Parminter, Oxford: Macmillan

New Crown English (2012) S. Takahashi, Tokyo: Sanseido

New Cutting Edge (2005)S. Cunningham, P. Moor and F. Eales, Harlow: Longman

New English File (2004) C. Oxenden, C. Latham-Koenig and P. Seligson, Oxford: Oxford University Press

New Headway Beginners (2002) L. Soares and J. Soares, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Oneworld (2012) Tokyo: Kyoiku Sheppuan

Opening Strategies (1982) B. Abbs and I. Freebairn, Harlow: Longman

Outcomes (2011) H. Dellar and A. Walkley, Andover, Hants:Heinle UK

People and Places (1980) V.J. Cook, Oxford: Pergamon

Pre-Intermediate Matters (1995) J. Bell and R. Gower, Harlow: Longman

Present-day English for Foreign Students (1964) E.F. Candlin, London: University of London Press

Pronunciation Book, The (1992) T. Bowen and J. Marks, Harlow: Longman

Pronunciation of English: A Workbook, The (2000) J. Kenworthy, London: Edward Arnold

Realistic English (1968) B. Abbs, V. Cook and J. Underwood, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Reward (1994) S. Greenall, Oxford: Heinemann

Ship or Sheep? (1981) A. Baker, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Situational English (1967) Common­wealth Office of Education, London: Longman

South Africa – the Privileged and the Dispossessed (1983) G. Davies and M. Senior, Paderborn: Ferdinand Schoningh

speakout (2011) (pre-intermediate) A. Clare and J.J. Wilson, Harlow: Pearson Educational

speakout (2012) (starter) F. Eales and S. Oakes, Harlow: Pearson Educational

Success with English (1968) G. Broughton, Harmondsworth: Penguin

Tapestry 1 Listening and Speaking (2000) C. Benz and M. Dworak, Heinle and Heinle

Tapestry 1 Writing (2000) M. Pike-Baky, Boston: Heinle and Heinle

Teaching Spelling (2011) J. Stirling, Raleigh, USA: Lulu

Test Your Spelling (1994) V. Parker, London: Usborne

Touchstone (2005). M. McCarthy, J. McCarten and H. Sandiford, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Tracks (1979) Northern Territory Dept of Education, Northern Territory, Australia

True to Life (1995) J. Collie and S. Slater, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Use Your Head (1995) T. Buzan, London: BBC

Using Intonation (1979) V.J. Cook, Harlow: Longman

Using the Mother Tongue (2002) S. Dellar and M. Rinvolucri, Peaslake, Surrey: Delta Publishing

Voix et Images de France (1961) CREDIF, Paris: Didier

Words You Need, The (1981) B. Rudzka, J. Channell, Y. Putseys and P. Ostyn, London: Macmillan