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Transcript of students doing an information gap exercise

M is a stranger asking the way round Oxford; W is the local providing help from a map.

1)                  W: I want to go er I am en smallest street called Merton Street and I want to visit the Rege Readerculf er ca Camera.

2)                  M: You are in?

3)                  W: Yes please.

4)                  M:  Merton College, you said?

5)                  W: Yeah called Merton Street.

6)                  M:  Merton Street.

7)                  W: Yes please.

8)                  W: And you are going to?

9)                  W: To visit the Redcliff Camera.

10)              M: The?

11)              W: Camera yeah.

12)              M: Can you spell it?

13)              W: R A D C L I Double F E Camera.

14)              M: Radcliffe yes, Radcliffe camera, itís number 4. And you are?

15)              W: In um a small street called Merton Street.

16)              M: Called Merton.

17)              W: Yeah Merton Street.

18)              M: You are here. Merton Street.

19)              W: Yes.

20)              M: Yes. And er Radcliffe camera is I canít say (Long pause). Sorry. You must to ask another people.

21)              W: It doesnít matter.

22)              M: Ďcos I donít know.