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SLA research tools

Second Language Acquisition Bibliography (SLABIB)

Attitude Motivation Test Battery (Gardner & Lambert's AMTB)

International Picture Naming Project

On-line Language History Questionnaire

Sources for syllabuses 

Malaysian syllabus 2003

Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) (2007) GCSE French Specification 2009 (UK)

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (2008), Strasburg: Council of Europe.

National Curriculum for England: English (2004). London: Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Japanese syllabus for English

Facts and Figures

US Census Bureau, population (2003)

Eurydice (2005). Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe Eurydice  European  Unit    
European Commission, (2006), The EuroMosaic Study

Language data sources 

Speech Accent Archive  George Mason University
British National Corpus (BNC)
Ladefoged 'A Course in Phonetics' text on-line
Ethnologue (SIL directory of languages
Eurydice (2005) Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe. Eurydice European Unit 
The NASA Manual (how to write reports in English)
VARGA (vocabulary acquisition site)
ESF (European Science Foundation Nijmegen project) data
Compleat Lexical Tutor

Useful Organisations etc

EUROSLA (European Second Language Association
Dave's ESL Cafe
Institute of Linguists (translators' association)
Bilingual Families mailing list
British Council Teaching English
ELLLO (listening activities)
BBC Learning English
Language in use
English Language Space Station
TEFL clips

Some online newspapers in English

Athens (Athens News)
Singapore (Straits Times)
Havana (Granma)


Speech Reform