Colchester Street Signs

 Language of the Street
Spelling facts & fancies
Vivian Cook

Handwritten Blackborad recomended Colchester

Handwritten Letters chalk blackboard Colchester


Kwick-Bite Colchester

Colchester Antiques comma for apostrophe

No God Colchester

Colchester Newsagent

Keys is Us sign Colchester

Colchester Fish and Chips Rons Plaice

Teatchers Whisky Colchester

Best Bannanna Colchester sign


canopy's sign Colchester     Happy Hour

Colchester Sierra Cafe   Colchester pub Wotz On

  Handwritten blackboard chalk Super Sunday's


Handwritten letters menu

Gateau's Colchester
Colchester Snak Shack

Colchester cafe

Colchester Town Hall notice

Sunk Stone letters County Hospital Colchester