Spelling of businesses and products

 Fish n Chips
Shop signs 
Vivian Cook

Number-name spelling

4 U Employment Agency, Back 2 Back, Four IV Design Consultants, 2 Bad Mice Publishers, Best 4 Glass, Q8

Letter-name spellings

B-secure Locksmiths, The Four Cs, Esso, Xpert Stationers, EXS, Just FX, Pow-R-Jac, Fax-U-Back Services


Bejay News, Jaycee Fruits, Essanelle Hair, Emangee Clothing, Teecee Cleaners, Gee Jays Pet Marts

Letter substitutions

'n for 'ng':  Stormin Records, Talkin Loud

n for 'and': This N That, Heads N Extras, Plain n Fancy, Snip N Shape, Chris N Alice, Roots N Fruits

'ite' for 'ight': Avonlite, Hi-Liting Ltd, Scotchbrite, Mister Byrite, Rite Bite Restaurant, Checktite, Nite Star Restaurant, Moorlite Electrical

'hi' for 'high': Toyota Hi Lux, Hi-Power, Hi-Style, Hi Tec Autos, Hi-Spec Opticians, Hi-Society UK

'lo' for 'low': Lo Cost Foodstores, Hilo Offset, Lospred

'flo' for 'flow': Flo-Rite, Crossflo, Doorflo, Freflo

'nu' for 'new': Nuchem, Nuvox Electronics, Nu Twist

'a' for 'er/ar': Betaware, ComputaTune, Mastascrew, Supa Shop, Supadriv, Supatravel, Solaglas Windscreens

'o' for 'of': Wood-O-Cork, Cleen-O-Pine, Rentokil

'o' for 'our': Flav-o-Lok, Glamo-Nit

'k' for 'k/ck': Krooklok, Hotpak, Bloc-Kote

Unconventional spellings

Polloneze, Theakston's Old Peculier


Sam Widges, Andeecrafts, Happy Sole (shoes), Bear Faced Cheek, Curl Up and Dye, The Write Place (stationers)

1920's American examples (Louise Pound)

Pret-O-Lite, Ra-dee-O, U All Kno After Dinner Mints, Uneeda Biscuit, Phiteezi Shoes, Rinkelaid, U-Rub-It-In

Norwegian Product (cheating a bit)