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 Vivian Cook

A sample of registered show dogs' names in England

Airs 'N Graces


Askja Whispa Sweet

Bee Baw Babbity

BlacDimonz Forever

Blue Velvet

Boy Talk

Brite As A Button

Caught Ya Lookin

Cheeky Chappie

Earth Wind N Fire


Fanni Farkle

Flo Jo

Frosti Krusade

Heir of Distinction


Kandicreme Kerby



Kizwiz Rhapsody

Krisquest Love Is All

Justine Thyme

Lesmok Mhofyr

Lettis Luvs Dorenty

Look Of Love

Lor Lord

Magic N the Skey

Maia Majic

Maibee Delicious

Maibee Truly Scrumptious

Miss B'Havin

Mista Midnite

Mistycote Phergus Sombur

Mr Xs

Mystarz Dick Dastardy

Nardik Sugababe

Nice Tri



Nookery Dan De Man

Northern Light of Wightflight

Okie Dokie

Philabars Rythem And Blues

Poundroll Ffatal

Printzagems Flick


Rockin Rodney

Some Kind of Magic's All That Jaz

Stella A Trois

Step Up N Boogie

Stitch in Thyme

Wakeup Weronica


Xelbi Just in Time


Zalute Zuperdistinction

Zentarr Zeeta

Zimply Zuper



Zoox Only One Nikizar

The reason for these odd spellings is that each dog that is registered must have a name that is distinctively different from every other dog: 'The Kennel Club will not accept a name which may be similar to an existing name and which may create confusion'. The easiest way of ensuring this is to use a non-standard spelling


Lack of word spaces: Annastayshere, Kingatheroad

Use of 'k' for 'c'/'ch': Kaos, Kandicreme Kerby

Use of 'z' for 's': Zimply Zuper, Nizefella

Use of conventional 'novel' forms: Mista Midnite, Nitelite, Lettis Luvs Dorenty

Use of letter names: Essayess

Use of 'n' spellings: Rockin Rodney, Caught Ya Lookin, Airs 'N Graces

Compare these with pop-groups names and tradenames.