Fish and Chips Shops

 Shop names
K' spellings
 Vivian Cook

Diverse novel spellings and puns

Friar/Frier (and Robin Hood)

Abbey Friar, Sheffield Broomhill Friery, Sheffield 
Fat Friars, Ashford 
Friar One, Sheffield
Friar Tuck's, London, Banff

Friars Inn, London 
Frier Tick's, Sheffield Fryer Tuck, Deal, 
The Happy Friar, Ayr  
The Jolly Friar,    Kirkcaldy, Sheffield

Little Fryer Tucker, 
Ramsgate, Stanwood Friery, Sheffield
The Tuck-in Fryary, 

'n' for 'and'

Chips ‘n’ Things,    Montrose
Salt ‘N’ Vinegar,   Rochester
Fish ‘n’ Things, 
Gold n Crispy, 

Local variants

The Fry Inn, 
The Chip Chik Inn, Glasgow

The Frying Scotsman, Glasgow
The One ‘O’ One Cafe, Kirkcaldy
The Chip Barra, 

Note for North American readers: 'plaice' means 'flounder'. Almost any first name can occur before 'plaice'.

Ali’s Plaice, Swanley
The Corner Plaice, Folkstone 
Cosy’s Plaice, London
Gundee’s Plaice, 
Happy Plaice, 
Paul’s Plaice, London
The Perfect Plaice, London 
Rock and Grill Plaice
The Plaice for Taste, Campbeltown
 Netherthorpe Plaice, Sheffield

George’s Plaice, Gillingham 
Gipsy Plaice Fish Bar, London
Michael’s Plaice, London 
My Plaice, London
Crowny’s Plaice, Sheffield 
Ernie’s Plaice, Swanley 
The Friendly Plaice, Sheffield
Jelo’s Plaice, Gravesend 
Tolly’s Plaice
Karen's Plaice, Lanark 
Lev’s Plaice, Glasgow

pun plaice place fish and chips shop Colchester
J R’s Plaice, Leeds
The Tasty Plaice, Beckenham,  Sheffield

Other terrible puns etc

A Salt ‘N’ Battered, 
The Batter Merchant, 
Mr Chippy, Leeds, Sheffield
Mr Chips, Liverpool,   Aberdeen, Fife
Frydays, Chatham

The Chip Inn, Liverpool 
The Chip Stop, Glasgow 
The Chippy Place, London
The Cod Father, London, Ayr
Eatalia’s, Edinburgh 
Sea Gees, Leeds

Intake Away, Sheffield 
Mister Chips, Dundee
Hunky Dory, Gravesend


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