Businesses Spelled with K for C

Vivian Cook

At the beginning of a word the choice of letter to correspond to the 'k' sound is usually the letter 'c' before 'o/a/u'/r/l', the letter 'k' before 'e/i', and the letter 'q' for words sounding 'kw'. Hence businesses use 'k' for many novel spellings.

All Kleen N Fix
Cabbages and Kinx
Kat Tracks Productions
Canadian KidsKamp
The Cutting Korner

Kar spelling for car 

Easi-Kleen Distributors
Fab-Kote Industries
K K Korner Grocery
Karibu Smoke Shop
Kennedy Kobbler Shoe Repair
Kiddee Kare Childminding
Kiddies Korner Preschool

Kidz Kutz Hair Design
Kindness Skool Koncept
King Koin Dry Cleaning Centre

Kleen spelling for clean

Kleen-Flo Tumbler

Kook spelling for Cook Newcastle

Kool Zone Beverages

Korner spelling for Corner

Krazy Kangaroo
Krystal Limousines Service
Krustys Bakery
Kuddel Muddel Kids
Kustom Kolors

kutz spelling for cuts

Kwality Sweets
Kwik Air

Kw spelling for qu

Kwick Clean & Green Ltd
Kwik Kafe Ltd
Kwik Kopy Printing
Kwik Mart
Squeegee Kleen


This use of 'k' for 'c' has occurred in product-names etc since at least the 1920s, when Louise Pound said: 'All in all, there is no mistaking the kall of "k" over our kountry, our kurious kontemporary kraving for it, and its konspicuous use in the klever koinages of kommerce'.

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