Shapes as Letters
Vivian Cook

Over the years people have experimented with
many different ways of conveying the letter shapes

Human Alphabets

Human letters A B C
Human letters D E F
Human letters G H
Human letters J K L
human letters M N O
Human lettesr PQR
Devils Alphabet S T U
Clown Human letters V X Y Z

Sources: Devil's alphabet 1837, Clown's alphabet 1826, Human alphabet 1560.
Devil's alphabet 1837. Book: H. Demeude (1996), The Animated Alphabet, Thames and Hudson

People as Letters

People as Letters GPO

Woman as letter I

Other Objects used as Letters

Clock as letter O

London shop

Road markings as letters A N D
Road markings in ad 1998

Euro sign as E
Moon as letter U C
Letter O as traffic signs

letter T as Tie

Letter A as car

Food as Letters

Chilli as Letter word

NAD in sign spelling

Biscuit as letter O

Knives as Letters

traffic signs as letters

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