Spelling Test 2
Common Mistakes

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This tests some English words that are commonly misspelt.

Choose the right spelling for each word

1 A. choize    B. choice    C. choise   
2 A. sincerely    B. sincerly   C. sincerelly  
3 A. thier house is ...  B. there house is ...    C. their house is ... 
4 A. really   B. realy    C. reelly   
5 A. develope   B. divelop    C. develop   
6 A. kindergarten    B. kindegarten    C. kindergarden  
7 A. becuse    B. becase    C. because   
8 A. diffrint    B. different    C. diferent   
9 A. govermment    B. goverment    C. government  
10 A. busines affairs    B. busyness affairs    C. business affairs 
11 A. knowledge    B. inoledge    C. nollidge   
12 A. profesional    B. professional    C. proffessional  
14 A. I don't know where to go    B. I don't know were to go    C. I don't know wear to go 
15 A. superseed    B. supercede    C. supersede   
16 A. address    B. adres    C. adresse  
17 A. cariere    B. carier    C. career   
18 A. accommodation   B. accomodation    C. acomodation   
19 A. particuler  B. particular    C. partikular   
20 A. intergrate    B. integrate   C. intigrate   
21 A. grammar   B. grammer    C. gramar  
22 A. descripe    B. describe    C. discribe   
23 A. begining    B. beginning   C. biginning   
24 A. interesting    B. intristing    C. intresting   
25 A. the book wich    B. the book which    C. the book witch   

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