Spelling Test 4

This is a test of people's knowledge of English spelling. All you have to do is cross out all the letter "e"s in two short passages.
The easiest way is to print out the two passages and do it with a pen. Then click on Solutions and/or Explanations

Passage A

Here is an experience I had when I worked as a relief teacher for dinner duty. After I started the dinners, I ate mine in a smaller room for the infants. Usually they had finished and gone out to play but one day I discovered a little boy sitting there with the teacher, Miss Clarke, looking rather angry. I learnt that the boy wouldn't eat his dinner and Miss Clarke said that he must. The teacher became angrier and angrier and she insisted that the child could not leave the dining-room till he had eaten his dinner. This upset the little boy very much and he began to cry. When he opened his mouth, the teacher spooned in a mouthful. Of course this upset the child even more and he cried more and each time he opened his mouth, the teacher put in another spoonful. That boy will never forget the battle of his first school meal. Nor will I.

Question 1. Where was the little boy?
Question 2. Why did he open his mouth?

Passage B

B. My aunt, Grace Paine, lived in a small isolated village located on a moor in Scotland for most of her life. In middle-age she came to London, and was astonished at city life. Hour after hour she gazed at her new colour television set, and exclaimed at the greenness of the hills or the blueness of the skies. But best of all she loved her cooker with its row of controls. One day she had lunch with me in a restaurant and told me about her amazing cooker. She had left her whole evening meal in the oven; at five o'clock the electric clock would switch it on and by seven a three course meal would be ready to welcome her home. I almost envied her. But when we next met she related what had actually occurred: however automatic your cooker, however accurate your electric timer, you have still got to remember to turn them on.

Question 1. Where did Grace Paine live?
Question 2. Why was her food uncooked?

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