Vivian Cook UK SLA researcher Vivian Cook.

Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics, Newcastle University; visiting professor, University of York.

Chiefly known for L2 learning research, in particular multi-competence, for a book on Universal Grammar, and for popular books on spelling and words.

Founder and first President of EUROSLA; EUROSLA Distinguished Scholar 2014.


LATEST PAPER 2017: 'More Galilean Challenges for Chomsky' INFERENCE 3. 2

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(2014) (with David Singleton), Key Topics in Second Language Acquisition, Multilingual Matters

(2016) (ed. with Li Wei), Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Multi-competence, CUP

(2016) Second Language Learning and Language Teaching, Routledge. 5th edition

(2016) (ed. with Des Ryan), Routledge Handbook of the English Writing System

Formerly at (alias Virgin), which is now defunct.