Test of American or English words
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Is the speaker of each sentence English or American? Answers below.

1 The corpse was put in the boot US   UK
2 Ginger, youíre barmy US   UK
3 She was digging in the dirt US   UK
4 The room contained a large credenza US   UK
5 My carís muffler was faulty US   UK
6 The man was sitting in the bleachers  US   UK
7 She received a postcard in the post US   UK
8 The baby was wearing a diaper        US   UK
9 I called him on my mobile US   UK
10 He was busking loudly in the street    US   UK
11 The pylon towered above the house     US   UK
12 They were mowing their yard    US   UK
13 I had grits for breakfast             US   UK
14 Under his shirt he wore a vest   US   UK
15 This garage has the best price for gas US   UK
16 My wife is visiting Paris in the fall US   UK
17 Iíve lost the pants from this suit US   UK
18 The rocket salad was very tasty         US   UK
19 The baby had a dummy in its mouth US   UK
20 They carried him on a gurney    US   UK


Different words for (approximately) the same meaning (UK one first)

waistcoat/vest, exhaust/muffler, autumn/ fall, rocket/arugula, mobile/cellphone, terrace/bleachers, crisps/chips, earth/dirt, dummy/pacifier, nappy/diaper

Same word, different meaning

braces, suspenders, gravy, pants, gas, rubber, biscuit, diner, hood, trunk, pylon, bugger, pants, vest, yard, post, pavement, dirt, muffin, boot, fag

Words unique to one language

UK  barmy, busk, stroppy

US gurney, grits, credenza, arugula, pacifier, bleachers  


Note: this does not mean that the other meaning never occurs, given the invasion of both countris by media from the other

1. boot  UK  (US  trunk)

2. barmy UK (US crazy)

3. dirt US  (UK earth)

4. credenza US  (UK sideboard)  

5. muffler US  (UK exhaust) 

6. bleachers US  (UK terraces of a stadium) 

7. post UK  (US mail) 

8. diaper US (UK nappy)

9. mobile UK (US cellphone)

10. busking UK (US  ???)

11. pylon UK (US ????)

12. yard US  (UK garden)

13. grits US  (UK coarsely ground maize)

14. vest UK (US undershirt

15. gas US  (UK petrol)  

16. fall US  (UK autumn) 

17. pants US  (UK trousers)

18. rocket UK (US arugula)

19. dummy UK (US pacifiers)

20. gurney US (UK ?wheeled stretcher) 

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